Adria garcia

Designer and activist involved in projects enabling the everyday life of just sustainability transitions. He is a founding member of Holon, a non-profit cooperative advancing the role of design in societal transformations. Skill set based on strategic design, design research and service design developed in more than a decade of experience in projects with organisations such as Interface Inc., UN Environment or La Borda Coop. Since 2010 he’s been involved in the education of more than 600 design students internationally and is a founding member of EDIVI, a catalan network of centers promoting design for social innovation and sustainability.

BA in Design by Eina, School of Design and Art of Barcelona, Catalonia (2009) Adrià took part of the EU LeNS Program in Polytechnic of Milan, Italy (2009), and holds a MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability by the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (2012). In 2016 took the first course on Transition Design by the Schumacher College, UK. Doctoral student by IN3 program of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya on policy design and transitions in the cooperative housing sector.