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Term 3

From Alternative Presents to Emerging Futures

Refine, grow and consolidate your alternative presents so that they can start to become emerging futures with global resonance. Strengthen your understanding of ethics and its entailments for the design profession and the development of technology. Reframing the projects into a collective narrative through curatorial practices for the final festival, understanding audiences, communities and interrogating appropriate and novel formats.

The third term aims to scale the work developed by the students during the first two terms of the Master program. After finding and engaging with communities of practice in the second term through a number of initial interventions, students will be encouraged to grow and consolidate those relationships and take a step further. They will design and deploy one last intervention for the yearly MDEF Emergent Futures Festival, which serves as closure for their journey in the Master program. At the same time it will act as a launching pad for establishing the alternative presents where they will continue shaping their envisioned emergent futures after the end of the programme.